Have you ever woken up with an unexplained illness and thought to yourself “If it gets worse, I’ll take tomorrow off and see if my doctor can fit me in”? Have you ever fallen and bruised your ankle and thought “If it feels this way after work, I’ll go to the emergency room”?

Setting up a last-minute appointment with a primary care doctor can be difficult, especially for patients who visit smaller practices or individuals living in highly-populated areas. Unfortunately, non-life-threatening issues seem to arise at the most inconvenient times – forcing patients to choose between making an expensive and time-consuming ER visit, or putting off care until an appointment can be set with their family physician.

Thankfully, there is another option available! AFC Urgent Care in North Andover is a full-service clinic that allows families and individual patients to walk in with no appointment to see a board-certified physician for issues ranging from broken bones to unexpected rashes or last-minute flu shots. We can also administer stitching for minor cuts and lacerations.




AFC Urgent Care North Andover is an emergency room alternative and our licensed staff of professional nurses, doctors and x-ray techs provides the same personalized care patients would expect to receive at a family doctor’s office. We’re open late throughout the week, and we even have weekend hours – so working professionals can schedule convenient, same-day appointments that fit into their lifestyle – and our services are often a fraction of the cost of Emergency Room treatments – so families can get the emergency care they need without it costing a fortune.