At AFC Urgent Care North Andover we provide a wide range of onsite lab testing to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of common illnesses. This provides a more comprehensive assessment without having to go to an outside lab for testing.

We are able to perform various laboratory tests on-site, such as rapid strep and flu testing, rapid drug screens and rapid urinalysis. With this information, we are able to offer a stronger diagnosis at your initial visit and begin treatment.

We perform lab tests on site, and often have same day results; lab tests are performed to give fast and accurate diagnosis for effective treatments and cures.

We perform the same tests as those used in ERs. Lab test procedures can differ according to the test; one of our experienced staff members will explain the preparation you will need to take prior to the test.

When you come to our urgent care center, there will be no waiting, and no appointments are necessary! One of our board certified physicians will perform the lab test right away, and accurately diagnosis your ailment for effective treatments and cures.




For more information about our lab testing services, please give AFC Urgent Care of North Andover a call at 978-470-0800. We are looking forward to helping diagnosis your ailments quickly and providing you with treatments that will have you on the road of recovery in no time!