The flu is a very serious virus that should not be taken lightly. By taking the appropriate precautions, contracting the flu can be completely avoidable. Also known as Influenza, the flu affects millions of people every day, causing over 36,000 deaths and 250,000 hospitalizations per year.

By receiving a seasonal flu vaccination, you are not only protecting yourself against the flu, but also decreasing your risk of passing it off to others. Please be aware that it is important for you be vaccinated every season. This is due to the fact that the strain of virus is constantly changing, making last year’s shot ineffective.




Stop by our location today at 129 Turnpike Street, to receive your seasonal flu vaccination! We encourage all walk-ins, and require no appointments. These vaccinations are typically covered by insurance, but if you have a question on whether or not your plan covers the cost of the shot, give us a call at 978-470-0800.