We offer on-site rapid urine drug screening, as well as Breath Alcohol Testing. For a complete list of what drugs we can test for, please contact us at (978) 470-0800.

Drug testing employees is important in creating a safe and productive work environment. About two thirds of people who admit to abusing drugs are employed.

Drug abusers cost their employers about twice as much in workers’ compensation and medical claims as their drug-free coworkers. Productivity and employment losses related to alcohol and drug abuse totals about $100 billion over the last few years. Over 60% of adults have gone into work under the influence of drugs and alcohol.




Here at AFC Urgent Care North Andover, we offer quick and easy drug testing services for individuals, large and small companies. We will have you in and out of our urgent care center, with accurate test results.

For more information please give us a call at 978-470-0800.